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Bug 15395: Allow correct handling of plural translation

Locale::Maketext does not allow correct handling of plural translation
for languages that have more than one plural forms.
Locale::Messages does.

So Koha::I18N is now a wrapper around Locale::Messages, just like
Locale::TextDomain, and export the same symbols as Locale::TextDomain.
You can refer to documentation of Locale::TextDomain to know how to use
exported subroutines.

The PO file moves from misc/translator/po/xx-XX-messages.po to
misc/translator/po/xx_XX/LC_MESSAGES/Koha.po and now needs to be
compiled to MO in order to be used by Koha.
Compilation of PO file is done by running:
  ./translate install xx-XX

Remove dependency to Locale::Maketext and Locale::Maketext::Lexicon
Add dependency to Locale::Messages

Test plan:
1. Open a .pl script or .pm module with your favorite text editor
2. Add 'use Koha::I18N;' in the beginning of file
3. Use one of the subroutines exported by Koha::I18N and be sure to have
   a way to visualize the result (pass result to the template for
   example, or simply warn and watch the log file)
4. cd misc/translator && ./translate update fr-FR # try other languages
5. Open misc/translator/po/fr_FR/LC_MESSAGES/Koha.po and translate your
   You will need to change the "Plural-Forms" header. See
6. ./translate install fr-FR
7. Use your web browser to go to the page that should display the
   translation, change language and verify the translation is correct

Example usage:
  __x("Hi {name}", name => 'Bob')
  __n("item", "items", $num_items)
  __nx("one item", "{count} items", $num_items, count => $num_items)
  __p("Bibliographic record", "item")

Signed-off-by: Marc VĂ©ron <>

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