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Bug 17698: Make patron notes show up on staff dashboard

This patch adds a user permission for managing issue notes, and a 'noteseen'
column to the issues table.

To test:
1) Apply Bug 14224 first
2) Apply this patch, update database, rebuild schema.
3) Restart koha-common and memcached
4) Turn on AllowCheckoutNotes syspref if haven't already
5) Issue two items to two different users (one item each)
6) Log into the OPAC as one of the users and add an issue note to their
7) Log out and log back into the OPAC as the other user
8) Disable Javascript
9) Refresh
10) Leave a checkout note on their issue
11) Enable javascript and log into the Staff Client as a superlibrarian
12) Go to your user's account and edit their permissions to have
everything ticked EXCEPT circulate->manage checkout notes.
13) Go to main intranet page. There should be no message saying
'checkout notes pending'.
14) Go to circulation home page. There should be no link to Checkout notes.
15) Go back to user's permissions and tick circulate->manage checkout notes.
16) Go back to main intranet page. There should now be a message at the
bottom saying 'Checkout notes pending: 2'
17) Go to circulation home page. There should be a link to Checkout notes
with a 2 next to it. Click this link
18) Attempt to mark an checkout note as seen. This should update the status
of the checkout note to 'seen' and disable to 'mark as seen' button while
enabling the 'mark as not seen' button.
19) Test both buttons with both issues.
20) Test select all and clear all buttons
21) Confirm that buttons at the bottom are only enabled if a checkbox is
22) Try selecting both issues and using the buttons at the bottom to
mark multiple issue notes at once.
23) Confirm the barcode link to the item works as expected.
24) Confirm the cardnumber link to the user works as expected.
25) Confirm all table details show correctly.

Sponsored-by: Catalyst IT

Signed-off-by: Josef Moravec <>

Followed test plan, works as expected
Signed-off-by: Marc VĂ©ron <>

Signed-off-by: Brendan Gallagher <>

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