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I'm curious how many people are using RPM-based operating systems for
running Koha. I know the majority are probably using Debian/Ubuntu, but I
reckon there's probably more Fedora/RHEL/openSUSE folk than we might think!


I noticed back in 2013 that Nicholas van Oudt had put together a RPM for
Koha for Fedora. The link in nabble didn't work anymore, but I'm curious how
many people have their own RPM spec files drifting around. I taught myself
how to package RPMs back in June, and I package RPMs for a different much
smaller Perl project, but I'm not willing to be a RPM manager for Koha. That
said, I'm happy to test and QA RPM spec files. The cpanspec tool in
Fedora/EPEL is also amazing for converting CPAN modules into RPMs.  The
openSUSE version is awful unfortunately, and I haven't had time yet to
investigate with the openSUSE people about fixing it.


I've noticed a few SELinux commands in some Koha code as well. I think
Marcel might have included those. I think a reasonable alternative would be
to do a custom policy module for Koha, which perhaps could be hosted in a
community yum repository. 


We use openSUSE, so I wouldn't be looking to support Fedora/RHEL myself, but
maybe if we started making some infrastructure, it could make it easier for
the RPM using members of the Koha community.


I know many are probably fearful of opening the door to RPMs since it could
make support more difficult. so maybe we could have anything RPM-related be
unofficial. Maybe treat it like contribs instead of part of Koha proper. 


Anyway, just an idea. If nothing else, maybe we RPM-based Koha people could
put together a listserv to share RPM-based system issues. That could in
theory relieve pressure from the Debian users when people ask them how to
install Koha on CentOS/Fedora/RHEL, etc.?


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