Hello koha-devel,

I'm happy to introduce Victor Grousset, that join the support/maintenance team at BibLibre. He will probably submit or signoff his first patches in the next weeks.

I'm also happy to introduce Simon Pouchol, an intern that will be with us for 3 months. He will work on Koha community, more focused on design / UI. We're already in touch with Owen ;-)

In the next months, we really want to re-invest in Koha community time. We will try to dedicate someone 2 days a week to community work (QA, sign-off, submit patches). Wait until Victor has ended his learning time, and our investment should be visible for 18.05 !

Paul Poulain, Associé-gérant / co-owner
BibLibre, Services en logiciels libres pour les bibliothèques
BibLibre, Open Source software and services for libraries

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