Hi all,

I've been playing with Mojolicious recently and I thought it would be
great if Koha was a Mojolicious application (like the REST API already
is). Some pros:
- Easier deployment
- Testable CGI scripts (Test::Mojo)
- All Mojolicious features (routing, commands, plugins, ...)
- Koha already uses Mojolicious, so there's no new dependency.

I wrote a POC here :

I'd like to gather opinions on it, and for that I want to try something new.
I created a "Koha" group on framavox.org, an instance of Loomio (a free
software designed to make decisions).
In this group there is a discussion named "Bug 20582 - Turn Koha into a
Mojolicious application" where you can add comments.
And in this discussion there is a proposal where you can vote (Agree,
Abstain, Disagree, Block) and add a reason for your vote

Group link : https://framavox.org/g/iAKeRC8Q/koha
Discussion link :

To keep things clean, please
- use the framavox group to discuss about the idea of turning Koha into
a Mojolicious app (not the implementation)
- use the bug report to discuss about the implementation
- reply to this mail for anything else (feedback about framavox.org for


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