Hi David

I originally tried the script link_bibs_to_authorities.pl but there were two issues with it:

1. After running for days it would use up all available memory and stop working

In my case I used this script for a maximum of around 200'000 bibliographic records. I see in your original e-mail you wrote of "several million records"...

Did you see the script offers the following options? Maybe using them can change the observed behaviour:

--auth-limit=S ... Only process those headings which match an authority record that matches the user-specified WHERE clause.

--bib-limit=S ... Only process those bib records that match the user-specified WHERE clause.

--commit=N ... Commit the results to the database after every N records are processed.

2. It does not preserve the links we have today between auths and biblios but does its best to connect records based on various pattern matching algorithms.

Unfortunately the manpage of this script (and other scripts...) are not very explicit about what they are really doing. Thanks for pointing this out!

Best wishes: Michael
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