Hello, I'm trying to select MARC21 tags for our base framework, and I
don't know if I'm doing it well:

- Internal identifier for this library (ID): 001
- Title: 245.a
- Book authors: (No MARC21 tag found)
- Legal Deposit Number: 017.a
- Copyright/Copyleft specification: 018.a
- ISBN: 020.a
- ISSN: 022.a
- Editor (company): 028.a
- Published at Country/City: 044.c
- Publication year: 362.a
- Time Period of Content/story: 045.b
- Place of Content/story: 033.p
- Subject of content: 072.a
- Source of acquisition: 037.b
- Languages of content (of text, audio...): 377.a
- Physical description: 007
- Playing time (audio/video): 306.a
- Content type (text|audio|video): 336.b
- Physical medium (Book|CD|DVD|Tape): 340.e
- Digital File Characteristics (format/XviD/MP3/PDF): 347.b
- Physical location/shelf in the library: 852.c
- Digital Graphic Representation (avatar/cover): 352 (no file?!)
- Summary or abstract: 520.a
- Genre (lyric/novel/dictionary/jazz): 655.a
- Cost in euros: 876.c
- Sell price to other libraries: (?)
- Public sell price: 365.b
- General comments: 500.a
- Link to downloadable item (book-PDF/video-AVI/audio-MP3): 774.6
- Link to third-party information: 786.6
- Holding library: 850.a
- Pages number: 302.a (obsolete)

The purpose is to have a concrete form for cataloguing task of people
without any library experience (as me).
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