Although I am my library's cataloging department I'm not a real cataloger, so 
don't take my advice as being set in stone. When I first migrated our ILS to 
Koha a few years ago (I'm also the library systems department) I tried to set 
up a framework for our then-cataloger. For various reasons she never used it. 
When she left and I took over, I decided I didn't really need a special 
framework, partly because since I'm not thoroughly familiar with MARC I didn't 
know what I'd need, but mostly because I download 99% of our MARC records from 
OCLC or the vendor, edited them in MarcEdit or Notepad (with apologies to all 
real catalogers--I know that's not the elegant solution but it works for the 
small number of books I add each year) then uploaded the file into Koha. The 
only time I use the framework is when I'm editing a record I've already 

If you're going to be doing original cataloging for most of your records, this 
won't work. I haven't used Z39.50 (we're a hospital and have a very strictly 
enforced firewall), so I don't know how useful a framework would be with it. If 
you're downloading and editing records, maybe you don't need one.

However, if you're going to use your framework, I'd recommend adding the call 
number (050/060/082/099, depending on whether you're using LC/NLM/DDC/something 
local) and subject headings (650).

The nice thing about my library is that we're small enough that if I make a 
mistake or do something in a way that isn't standard practice, it doesn't 
really matter. Our users can find the books even if I have to make up a call 
number and get it a little bit off. Your experience may be different.

Good luck!

Fred King
Medical Librarian, MedStar Washington Hospital Center
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Hello, I'm trying to select MARC21 tags for our base framework, and I don't 
know if I'm doing it well:

- Internal identifier for this library (ID): 001
- Title: 245.a
- Book authors: (No MARC21 tag found)
- Legal Deposit Number: 017.a
- Copyright/Copyleft specification: 018.a
- ISBN: 020.a
- ISSN: 022.a
- Editor (company): 028.a
- Published at Country/City: 044.c
- Publication year: 362.a
- Time Period of Content/story: 045.b
- Place of Content/story: 033.p
- Subject of content: 072.a
- Source of acquisition: 037.b
- Languages of content (of text, audio...): 377.a
- Physical description: 007
- Playing time (audio/video): 306.a
- Content type (text|audio|video): 336.b
- Physical medium (Book|CD|DVD|Tape): 340.e
- Digital File Characteristics (format/XviD/MP3/PDF): 347.b
- Physical location/shelf in the library: 852.c
- Digital Graphic Representation (avatar/cover): 352 (no file?!)
- Summary or abstract: 520.a
- Genre (lyric/novel/dictionary/jazz): 655.a
- Cost in euros: 876.c
- Sell price to other libraries: (?)
- Public sell price: 365.b
- General comments: 500.a
- Link to downloadable item (book-PDF/video-AVI/audio-MP3): 774.6
- Link to third-party information: 786.6
- Holding library: 850.a
- Pages number: 302.a (obsolete)

The purpose is to have a concrete form for cataloguing task of people without 
any library experience (as me).
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