N.B.: Although I'm my library's cataloging department, I'm not a real cataloger 
and I add maybe 100 books per year to our collection. You should probably take 
that into consideration.

I use the web interface (connexion.oclc.org) to search and assemble my records. 
Then I download them to my computer, changing the .dat extension to .mrc, then 
convert them to text using MarcEdit's MARC Breaker. You could do further 
tweaking in MarcEdit, but for whatever reason I prefer to use Notepad. Then I 
recompile to .mrc using MarcEdit, upload to Koha, and take it from there. You 
could probably add the 952 field in Notepad/MarcEdit (I do that for my Authors' 
Catalog), but I add the item information after I've imported the records into 
the catalog.

Item labels: if those are what I call spine labels, you can do those in Koha 
from the Tools menu. You can configure a template (I have one for regular 
circulating books and another for books that need their collection code 
listed), then scan your barcodes into a batch, print the batch, and there you 
are. There's also a tool for printing just spine labels, but I haven't used 
that one. One problem I've had with the labels is that they tend to break lines 
in odd places. For example, what should be
   WD 130
   VOL 2
might come out as
   2 1999

Anyone have a solution?

As for creating records, on the very, very few occasions that I've had to 
create one, I've used the Cataloging > New Record > Default Framework function 
in Koha.   

Fred King
Medical Librarian, MedStar Washington Hospital Center
ORCID 0000-0001-5266-0279
MedStar Authors Catalog: http://medstarauthors.org

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.
--Douglas Adams

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It seems like the OCLC Connexion client has been orphaned over the past few 
It's a pain to maintain/install and deal with and we're looking for 
alternatives from the post-1999 CE era.

Anyone using alternatives for creating/uploading/downloading records and 
printing item labels?
Is it possible to replace with MarcEdit?

Thank you!

Chad Roseburg
Assoc. Director / IT
Automation Dept.
North Central Regional Library
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