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> And, Fred, Koha's breaking of lines in odd places is exactly why I just
> copy the call number from the 050/090 field into the into the 952 $o on the
> OCLC Connexion Client record, remove the $b & full-stop & correct the
> spacing, then I copy that reformatted 952 $o call number & paste it into an
> MS Word template and add correct line breaks for printing.  When I fill the
> MS Word template of spine/item labels, then I print out the sheet & put
> that sheet with the items for processing.

In case you're wondering, the line breaking is based on items.cn_sort
and items.cn_source. The field items.cn_sort is a normalized call number
broken apart into sections which are left padded with 0s or spaces
depending on whether the section is alpha or numeric.

The perl library that does this for Library of congress actually lives
outside of Koha:


You can find the documentation here:

I've filed a bug report regarding maps:
https://github.com/libraryhackers/library-callnumber-lc/issues/10 (that
sounds like one of yours, hh)

If you know of other things that need to be fixed with the way that call
numbers are split or ordered, please let me know so that we can get bugs
filed :-)
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