I got the SQL report below from wiki.koha-community.org, however it is not

SELECT concat(b.title, ' ', ExtractValue((
>     SELECT marcxml
>     FROM biblioitems b2
>     WHERE b.biblionumber = b2.biblionumber),
>       '//datafield[@tag="245"]/subfield[@code="b"]')) AS title,
>     b.author, i.itemcallnumber FROM biblio b LEFT JOIN items i ON
> (i.biblionumber=b.biblionumber)

It shows the following error:

The following error was encountered:

The database returned the following error:

Unknown column 'marcxml' in 'field list'

Please check the log for further details.

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Does anyone knows what went wrong?

Thank you.

Ma. Victoria H. Silva-Manuel
Registered Librarian, 3892
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