Comrades- I forward this with the simple note that this has been one of
*the* most important centres of resistance in the Belly of the Beast. Around
a year ago,  La Quena moved back into the hands of the community for which
it was started, the Latin American community, with a tradition of helping
revolutionaries in the "American Backyard". This note has been written by
the current runners of the restaurant, the Simon Bolivar society. Remember
the importance of coffee shops, from the French Revolution up to today, and
all I can say on the matter is that this post is too modest as to La Quenas
importance. I am but one of the people in the city who have a radical life
as a direct result of this place, and beg of all of you to do what you can.



La Quena Coffeehouse
1111 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC


Please distribute widely

La Quena set to close July 31, 2000

For 18 years, La Quena Coffeehouse has been an important site for
Vancouver's leftist political community, with a strong history of supporting
revolutionary and anti-capitalist struggles around the world. As a centre
for radical politics, it has been a unique resource for local activists in
providing a free space for organizing and education, a public venue for
political and fundraising events, as well as for musical and other cultural
performances. As a coffeehouse, it is well known for its low-priced
nutritious Latin American food.

The Simon Bolivar Society, custodian of La Quena since the dissolution of
the previous collective in late 1999, has exhausted its resources and is no
longer able to continue running the space without financial and practical

As a result, the coffeehouse is now up for sale, although any other serious
alternatives will still be considered (sharing the space, membership sales,
or..?); it would be a great loss to Vancouver's progressive political
community if La Quena were to close permanently. Any progressive
organizations or individuals who are interested in taking on La Quena or
becoming involved in any way should come forward immediately.

Contact the Simon Bolivar Society

c/o email [EMAIL PROTECTED] or telephone (604) 324-0907

or its agent, Sylvia Shelton (604) 251-2144

Unidos Venceremos

Macdonald Stainsby.

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