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>23 September 2000, Copyright © Turkish Daily News
>Turkey reacts harshly
>                        to passage of bill on
>                        so-called genocide
>                           SEZER ASKS FOR MORE EFFORTS:
>                           President Ahmet Necdet
>                           Sezer, stressing Turkey's
>                           concerns about the bill,
>                           calls on the US
>                           administration to exert more
>                           efforts to block the bill.
>                           Reacting harshly to the
>                           news, Turkish Prime Minister
>                           Bulent Ecevit describes the
>                           bill's passage as a 'sad and
>                           ugly event'
>                           PEARSON CALLS LOGOGLU:
>                           Foreign Ministry
>                           Undersecretary Faruk Logoglu
>                           makes a phone call to US
>                           Ambassador to Turkey Robert
>                           Pearson regarding the bill.
>                           Speaking to the TDN, Logoglu
>                           says that the ambassador
>                           told him about the US
>                           administration's efforts to
>                           prevent the bill from going
>                           any further
>   Ankara - Turkish Daily News
>   In the immediate wake of a United States House
>   subcommittee passing a bill recognizing the so-called
>   Armenian genocide and calling on President Bill
>   Clinton to officially label the death of Armenians
>   during World War I a genocide, the Turkish government
>   in Ankara has exhibited a harsh reaction.
>   The whole range of governmental and political
>   leaders, from President Sezer and Prime Minister
>   Ecevit to political party leaders and
>   parliamentarians, described the incident as
>   unacceptable. They expressed anger and urged the
>   Clinton administration to exert more efforts to
>   dissuade congressmen from supporting the bill.
>   The U.S. House International Relations Subcommittee
>   on International Organizations and Human Rights
>   passed the bill late on Thursday.
>   President Ahmet Necdet Sezer stressed Turkey's
>   concerns about the bill on Friday and called on the
>   U.S. administration to make more efforts to prevent
>   the bill from advancing any further in the
>   legislative pipeline.
>   Presidential Spokesman Metin Yalman held a press
>   conference on Friday in which he stated Sezer's
>   thoughts regarding the bill.
>   "President Sezer, both in his meeting with President
>   Clinton in New York and during his reception with new
>   U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Robert Pearson on Thursday,
>   expressed Turkey's views on this bill. Once again he
>   reiterated that passage of the bill would lead to
>   damage to Turco-American relations almost beyond
>   repair."
>   Reacting harshly to the news, Turkish Prime Minister
>   Bulent Ecevit described the bill's passage as a "sad
>   and ugly incident." Saying that he believes the U.S.
>   administration is uneasy about the bill, Ecevit said,
>   "I hope that the U.S. administration's initiatives
>   will show the House [of Representatives] the right
>   path."
>   "Turkey is doing its best to promote peace in the
>   Caucasus, but taking a position in favor of the
>   Armenian resolution is an extremely ugly and
>   saddening event," Ecevit asserted.
>   Responding to reporters' question prior to departing
>   his office, Ecevit said that the passage would harm
>   Turco-American relations. He characterized the United
>   States as a great world power and added, "But it is
>   distressing that this great world power has certain
>   irresponsible politicians who have such influence in
>   foreign policy."
>   Asked whether there would be any concrete response to
>   the U.S. administration -- such as a re-evaluation of
>   the Incirlik Air Base or the attack helicopter tender
>   which was preliminarily awarded to U.S. company Bell
>   Textron -- Ecevit said that U.S. officials had made
>   jective statements regarding possible
>   reactions which Turkey could make.
>   The Turkish Foreign Ministry also said the bill would
>   harm the close relations between the NATO allies and
>   frustrate hopes of improving ties with Armenia.
>   "The approval of the resolution concerning the
>   so-called genocide will hinder the normalization of
>   relations between Turkey and Armenia," a Foreign
>   Ministry statement said. "The approval of the
>   resolution ... will undoubtedly have serious effects
>   on bilateral relations between Turkey and the United
>   States."
>   Meanwhile Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Faruk
>   Logoglu made a phone call yesterday to U.S.
>   Ambassador to Turkey Robert Pearson regarding the
>   bill.
>   Speaking to the Turkish Daily News, Logoglu said that
>   the ambassador had informed him about the U.S.
>   administration's efforts to hinder the bill's
>   progress.
>   Asked whether there would be any new initiatives
>   against Armenia, Logoglu said there were not but that
>   the Foreign Ministry has contingency plans covering
>   possible future developments and would put them into
>   effect when the time comes. He also said that Turkey
>   was using other instruments such as calling on its
>   NATO allies to exert pressure on congressmen.
>   Logoglu also said that the ministry hadn't had any
>   special meeting regarding the bill. "The Foreign
>   Ministry has been working to defend Turkey's rights
>   in the international arena and striving hard towards
>   that end," he said. "We hold regular, continual
>   meetings in the ministry."
>   Meanwhile Patriarch Mesrob II, the spiritual leader
>   of Turkey's 70,000 Orthodox Armenians, also lamented
>   the bill's approval.
>   "I don't believe that anyone will profit from this,
>   and I think it will hurt Turkish-Armenian relations,"
>   the patriarch said in a statement on Friday.
>   The patriarch said that the issue was one that should
>   be discussed by Turkish and Armenian historians and
>   not by the lawmakers of any third country.
>   Speaking to the TDN, a diplomatic source said that
>   the bill's passage would harm the normalization
>   process in relations between Turkey and Armenia and
>   also negatively affect Turco-American bilateral
>   relations.
>   Turkey has an economic blockade on Armenia because of
>   the latter's dispute with neighboring Azerbaijan over
>   the enclave of Nagorno-Karabach. It refuses to
>   establish diplomatic relations with Armenia until
>   that country ends its occupation of Azerbaijani
>   territories.
>   Turkish Ambassador to Washington Baki Ilkin said that
>   the goal of the bill was to damage the good relations
>   between Turkey and the United States as well as to
>   harm Turkey's image in the international arena. "This
>   is a game. We have to be calm and proceed cautiously
>   so as not to harm our relations with the United
>   States" Ilkin said. He added that the decision was
>   "only the first stage in a [long] process."
>   "Turkey knows its history very well and doesn't need
>   lessons from anybody," Ilkin had said previously.
>   "The so-called Armenian genocide never occurred in
>   history. Such attempts [to push the bill through] can
>   only cast a shadow on the Turkish-American strategic
>   partnership."
>   The bill urges the Clinton administration to
>   familiarize executive branch employees, especially
>   those dealing with human rights, with the so-called
>   Armenian genocide and its consequences.
>   It also calls on the U.S. president to refer to the
>   killings as a genocide in an annual April 24 message
>   to commemorate the deaths.
>   The measure now goes to the full House International
>   Relations Committee for a vote, which is expected
>   sometime next week.
>   Meanwhile, the U.S administration, taking Turkey's
>   side, has been struggling to block the bill's
>   passage.
>   According to the Anatolia news agency, President
>   Clinton, who is reportedly not happy with the bill's
>   passage, gave his adviser Sandy Berger the task of
>   convincing House members not to support the bill.
>   Marc Grossman, former U.S. ambassador to Turkey and
>   director-general of the Foreign Service, gave a
>   speech to the House subcommittee on the first day of
>   the bill's debate, saying that its passage could harm
>   important U.S. interesn Turkey. He added that the
>   administration believes that passage of House
>   Resolution 398 (the bill's official designation)
>   would complicate its efforts to bring peace and
>   stability to the Caucasus.
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