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Subject: [Peoples War] Ireland: 19 Cops Injured In Sinn Fein Youth Protest -

XINHUA - Peoples Republic of China

19 Policemen Injured in Protest in Northern Ireland

   LONDON, December 9 (Xinhua) -- Nineteen police officers were
injured on Sunday after fireworks and stones were thrown at the
police and army at an army watch tower in Armagh, south of
Northern Ireland, according to a BBC report on Sunday.

   The incident happened during a demilitarization protest on
Sunday organized by Sinn Fein Youth at the tower. Two of the
policemen injured were taken to hospital by air.

   Local participants in the protest said that they were unhappy
that demilitarization promised by the British government had not
happened as quickly as they had hoped.

   At Drummachavall in south Armagh, police fired two baton rounds
when protesters tried to breach security fencing.
   In October, work began to dismantle four security installations
immediately after the IRA's decision to put some of its weapons
beyond use. 

   It was the first response from the UK Government to the IRA
announcement, which breathed new life into the peace process.
   Demilitarization was a key demand from Sinn Fein during
discussions before the breakthrough.


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