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Subject: [Peoples War] Colombia: Seven More Electricity Towers Destroyed in
Colombia - Xinhua

Seven More Electricity Towers Destroyed in Colombia
Xinhuanet 2002-01-28 09:27:55
   BOGOTA, January 27 (Xinhuanet) -- Seven more electricity towers
were pulled down in a bombing attack on Sunday at Gacheta in the
Colombian province of Cundinamarca, some 100 kilometers east of

   Jose Antonio Vargas, manager of the Bogota Energy Company,
confirmed the attacks allegedly committed by members of the
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country's
largest guerrilla group.

   Vargas said the terrorist attacks during the past weeks have
caused huge damage to the electricity transmission system
throughout the country and energy rationing looms large.

   Because of the attacks, about 20 towns close to the Meta and
Casanare provinces had to adopt energy rationing plans of up to
seven hours per day. The rationing has resulted in severe loss in
local commerce and industry.

   So far, a total of 30 electricity towers have been destroyed in
the new wave of rebel offensive, according to Vargas.
   The official said the destroyed electricity towers belonged to
the central line of the power plant Chingaza, one of the most
important in Colombia.

   In recent weeks, FARC rebels have carried out a new wave of
attacks throughout the country. Some 80 people were killed in the
attacks and the country's infrastructure incurred severe damage.


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