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Subject: [ INDIA ] ML Update, Vol.5; No.5;  30 - 1 - 2002

ML Update
A CPI(ML) Weekly News Magazine
Vol.-5; No.-5; 30-1-2002


In the midst of all-round apprehension about possible terrorist attacks on
Republic Day, a veritable contingent of real terrorists clad in saffron and
armed with swords descended on the capital. The organisers - the VHP and
Bajrang Dal - called it a 'Sant Chetavani Yatra' or a warning march of the
saints! The warning was addressed to the government and the society at large
asking for the disputed Ayodhya land to be immediately handed over to the
VHP and its Temple Trust to enable construction to begin by March 12.

There were no barricades for these terrorists. No tear gas shells or water
cannons. And certainly no POTO! Instead the ruling BJP organised a public
show for the visiting terrorists in saffron on the Ramleela Maidan. And the
Prime Minister and his Man Friday, India's most disgraceful minister of
defence, accorded them an official welcome with the guest terrorists doing
all the talking and the government only taking instructions! The case has
already been referred to the Law Ministry with a brief to expedite the case
and 'examine' the legal and constitutional aspects involved in handing over
the 'non-disputed part' of the land to the VHP! Meanwhile, the RSS has given
a free hand to the VHP and Bajrang Dal to fix the date for launching the
temple operation.

In theory, the Vajpayee government is still talking of either a negotiated
settlement or a judicial resolution of the Ayodhya dispute. But in practice,
it has already taken the first step towards construction of a temple. The
fig leaf of distinction being discovered between the original 'disputed'
land and the land subsequently taken over by the central government in 1993
is a mischievous eyewash. Allowing the VHP to get a foothold on acres
'around' the disputed land and begin construction on it would effectively
preclude any possible subsequent court verdict to the contrary. This
mischievous move on the part of the government is therefore not just an act
of appeasement, the Vajpayee government now officially stands as a
co-accomplice of the saffron brigade.

The so-called dispute in Ayodhya was created by the RSS. The Sangh Parivar
then built up a hysterical campaign around it and in December 1992 the
saffron brigade defied every law and norm of a civilised society to
translate the campaign into action. Since then Ayodhya has become an
open-ended agenda for the fascists. All they have to do to 'turn liberal' is
to shelve it temporarily, but it is always there, hanging like a sword of
Damocles on the country. And there is always the possibility of the saffron
brigade picking up the sword and wielding it against the country at an
opportune moment. The UP elections mark precisely such a moment in the
saffron calendar.

As far as the country is concerned, Ayodhya ceased to be a site of mere
'dispute' on December 6 1992. With the forcible demolition of the Babri
Masjid, Ayodhya became a site of crime and disgrace. For every believer in
secularism and democracy it has become a crucial site of contention and
struggle. After all that happened on December 6 1992, the previous category
of the 'disputed site' has become outdated and irrelevant for this country.
It is no longer a matter of legal semantics to be left to the mercy of an
Arun Jaitley. It is a question of life and death for the future of democracy
in India.
Secular democracy can have only one battle cry: "Not an inch of Ayodhya land
for the saffron thugs".


The CPI(ML) organised human chains, marches, demonstrations, and meetings on
25 January as the concluding part of the first phase of CPI(ML)'s nationwide
anti-saffron anti-imperialist campaign in Delhi and several other centers of
the country in protest against communal frenzy, war hysteria, and Vajpayee
govt.'s abject surrender to the US.

In Delhi, hundreds of CPI(ML) activists and supporters formed a human chain
near the Shahid Bhagat Singh statue on the Ferozshah Kotla ground. Party
Gen. Secy. Dipankar Bhattacharya also joined it. He called upon the ranks to
be on the forefront of struggle against what he called "saffron subversion
and American arm-twisting of the Indian Republic". He said that the nation
needs a powerful resistance movement against growing imperialist and
communal fascist attacks on its republic. Denouncing the 'Chetavani Yatra'
taken out by the VHP he said, "We had seen similar communal build-up ten
years back which had led to the demolition of the Babri Masjid and plunged
the country into the worst communal riots since Partition. Saffron
terrorists are at it again, and this time round they must be given a fitting

He appealed to all peace loving secular and democratic Indians to foil the
fascist design of the Sangh Parivar and save the Republic from saffron
prison and American shadow. He demanded ban on anti-national outfits like
the VHP and Bajrang Dal and said that persons like Ashok Singhal who were
fomenting communal frenzy should be put behind the bars.
Sharply criticising the pro-US, pro-Israel and anti-Pakistan orientation of
the foreign policy, Com. Dipankar called for an immediate restoration of all
diplomatic ties with Pakistan and early resumption of Indo-Pak dialogue
without any American intervention. "Instead of becoming subservient to the
strategic interests of the US, India should work for Asian assertion agaisnt
the US led hegemony of the West". Others who joined the human chain included
Party leaders B.Sivraman, Swapan Mukherjee, P V Srinivas, Kumudini Pati,
Ranjit Abhigyan, Rajendra Pratholi, Rajeev Dimri, and Ranjan Ganguly.

A cultural programme in protest against the saffron culture of violence and
terror was also held at the venue of the programme. Artists of Lokswar, a
Delhi based group also performed.
Bihar: Responding to the national call, party activists held protest marches
and demonstrations in Patna, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Samastipur, Bettiah,
Nalanda, Nawadah and Arrah.
In Patna, a march was taken out from the Party State office led by Party CC
member Com. KD Yadav and State Committee members Com. Manohar and Kamlesh
Sharma and Patna Town Secretary Murtaza Ali. On the same day, RYA activists
burnt the effigy of Vajpayee and Advani in Patna, Aurangabad, Siwan and
other centres.

Bangalore: As a part of the national campaign, a demonstration was organised
at Peenya, Bangalore on 25 January. Com. Krishnappa presided over the
meeting while Com. Govindarajan called for saving the Indian Republic from
US domination. Com. T.M.Poonacha spoke against POTO and KOCA (Karnataka
Organised Crime Act) in Karnataka. Com. Gopal came down heavily on the
curtailment of democratic rights and infringement of workers' rights in the
name of labour reforms. Comrades Malathi from AISA and Revathy from AIPWA
also spoke on the occasion.


Against the second phase of eviction of Tolly-nullah people in the name of
metro-rail expansion a citizen convention was held in Kolkata on 22nd
January. This time more than 30000 people are likely to be evicted without
any kind of rehabilitation from the sides of the railway line on the
Sealdah-Budgebudge route. Veteran RSP leader Com. Sunil Sengupta strongly
criticised the inhuman attitude of the Left Front govt. for not providing
alternative arrangements for the evicted people. Former V.C. of Kolkata
University Prof. Sushil Mukhopadhyay, State Planning Board member
Ajitnarayan Basu, poet Nabarun Bhattacharya all condemned the Left Front
govt's foreign loan sponsored development strategy which victimises the poor
people. The convention was organised by Uchchhed Birodhi Jukta Manch (joint
platform against eviction) of which our party is a prominent constituent.


A 9-member State Organising Committee of AIPWA was formed in Tamil Nadu in a
meeting held on 12 December at Salem with Com. TA Mary as its convenor. In
its 21 January meeting held at Madurai, the State Organising Committee
planned to conduct statewide women's conventions on March 8 on questions
related to working women and communal fascism. A joint struggle committee
has been formed including AIPWA, AIDWA, NFIW and other women's organisations
for waging joint action on women's issues. A convention in this direction is
to be held on 2 February in Chennai.


Shop & General Workers' Union affiliated to AICCTU, held a special
conference in Trichi, Tamilnadu on Jan 25. The conference concentrated on
the attacks on Public sector and state services workers and the workers'
struggles against the policies of the central and state govt. Leaders from
AITUC , CITU and Tamilnadu General employees Assn also attended the
conference. along with Comrades S.Kumaraswamy, Bhuvana, G. Radhakrishnan,
and Shanmugam from AICCTU.


After the 22nd January terrorist attack on the American Centre in Kolkata,
innocent Muslim masses all over the state are being subjected to
indiscriminate police harassment. Till date at least 15,000 Muslim people
have been interrogated and taken to city police stations to enquire about
the miscreants. Reports of police closing down allegedly illegal madrasas
have been received from places like Basirhat, Baduria, Swarupnagar (North 24
Parganas district), Santoshpur, Budgebudge and Baruipur in South 24 Parganas
and Lalbag and Baharampur in Murshidabad. The CPI(M)-led Left Front Govt.
too now sees the madrasas as breeding ground of terrorism. It is difficult
to miss the growing similarities in the way Buddhadev Bhattacharya, LK
Advani and George Bush are targeting the madrasas.

The police administration in West Bengal has declared Murshidabad district
as the third most dangerous centre of Muslim fundamentalism next only to
Kabul and Kandahar. So the raids and intimadation of Muslim youths and
madrasa school teachers and their family members are going on in full steam
under Left rule in West Bengal and the CBI and FBI are helping the Bengal
govt. in carrying out this task of suppressing the 'Muslim' terrorist.

In this context, our Party has decided to launch a serious political
campaign against police harassment of the Muslim masses and American
interference in West Bengal politics. A protest meeting was held in Kaliganj
in Nadia district on 26th January. Comrades Biman Biswas, Krishna Pramanik,
Arijit Mitra and Partha Ghosh addressed the gathering and asked the people
to oppose the unconstitutional interference in Bengal and unitedly fight
against the police atrocities on Muslim masses. Special investigating teams
of our party will visit the areas where such harassment is going on.


Acting on the instructions of notorious criminal and RJD MP Shahabuddin, the
S.P. of Siwan arrested a popular leader Com. Nayeemuddin Ansari, mukhiya of
Gambhirur panchayat in Mairwan block of Siwan, on 25 December 2001 on a
fabricated charge of masterminding an imaginary landmine operation and sent
him to jail. A large number of people from the surrounding area had
encircled Nautan PS following his arrest. Meanwhile the Siwan jail has
turned into Shahabuddin's kingdom where CPI(ML) members and even ordinary
prisoners are condemned to the worst kind of torture by his henchmen.
Needless to say, this goes on in full knowledge of, and often also in
connivance with, the jail authority and the district administration. Comrade
Nayeemuddin has also had to suffer this fate and his arms have been broken.

Condemning the anti-CPI(ML) conspiracy of the Siwan administration, the
Party district committee organised a 10,000 strong demonstration and public
meeting at Gandhi Maidan in Siwan on 22 January 2002. The rally demanded
immediate release of Com. Nayeemuddin, suspension of the S.P. of Siwan and
arrest of Shahabuddin. Party Polit Bureau member Com. Ram Naresh Ram, CC
member KD Yadav, State leaders Amarnath Yadav and Indrajeet and president of
Bihar Pradesh Khet Mazdoor Sabha and MLA Satyadev Ram and others addressed
the meeting.

Coinciding with the rally in Siwan, protest marches and dharnas were held in
various districts of the state. In Patna a protest march was taken out in
which many leading comrades including Bihar State Committee Secretary Com.
Ramjatan Sharma, Convenor of Bihar Pradesh Kisan Sabha and MLA Rajaram
Singh, MLA Mahboob Alam, MLA Arun Singh, General Secretary of Bihar Pradesh
Khet Mazdoor Sabha Com. Rameshwar Prasad, and Party State Committee members
Sudama Prasad and Manohar participated. The protest march ended in a meeting
at Patna Railway Station chowk. A massive dharna was staged in Bhojpur,
addressed by Com. Latafat Hussain and others. In Nalanda, street corner
meetings were held at various places. In Darbhanga, a protest march was
taken out and in Samastipur, dharna was staged before the DM's office.
Protest dharnas were also held in Begusarai, Bettiah, Aurangabad and
Jahanabad. To intensify the agitation, a three-day dharna will now be held
at Income Tax chowk in Patna on 29-31 January.


CPI(ML) strongly condemned the killing of five persons belonging to Yadav
caste by Ranvir Sena goons at Barsimha village at the border of Patna and
Gaya districts on 21 January. Demanding that the Ranvir Sena criminals be
arrested immediately, Party called Tekari Bandh (General shut down) on 23
January and observed protest day throughout Gaya district. On 22 January
Party organised a massive protest march in Gaya. Party also demanded Rs. 5
lakh compensation to the families of the slain persons.


Demonstrations of agrarian labourers were held at several block centres of
Patna district in Bihar on 25 January. More than 1,000 people participated
in the demonstrations held at Punpun and Dulhin Bazar, while around 500
people attended the demonstrations at Masaurhi, Dhanarua and Paliganj. The
demonstrations centred around demands like implementation of minimum wages,
guarantee of employment throughout the year, enactment of central
legislation for agrarian labourers, distribution of ceiling surplus and gair
mazarua land among agricultural labourers and guarantee of red cards and
pucca houses for them. Demonstrators also called upon the Sate Govt. to
fulfil its promises of giving one lakh rupees to the families of all the 9
agrarian labourer killed at Shahbazpur in Punpun block of Patna district.


Com. Harendra Bhatt, a local cadre in Siwan district of Bihar was killed on
26 January at Tandwa Bazar in Darauli block of Siwan. The killers were from
Prithwi Pandey gang patronised by BJP-Samata combine. Hearing the news,
hundreds of pepole from adjoining areas assembled at Tandwa Bazar and held a
militant demonstration.

AISA(All India Students' Association) held its Nawadah district conference
in Bihar on 21 January. AISA National President Kavita Krishnan inaugurated
it. Fomer Gen. Secy. of AISA, Com. Dhirendra Jha also attended the
conference. Before the conference, an impressive students' march was taken


A seminar on "Itihaas ka sach" (the truth of history) was held in Patna on
January 26 which was addressed among others by eminent historian Professor
Ram Sharan Sharma. A large number of people, teachers as well as students,
social workers and cultural activists, pariticipated in the seminar.
Speakers said that the RSS was out to smuggle all its communal fascist
prejudices and postulates into history. They described it as an attempt to
indoctrinate impressionable young minds on saffron ideological lines.
Condemning this intellectual terrorism of the saffron establishment,
speakers called for a vigorous ideological-political campaign against it.
The seminar was jjointly organised by the Jan Sanskriti Munch, Pragatisheel
Lekhak Sangh and the Janwadi Lekhak Sangh, the three leading Left cultural


Citizens Against War, a Patna-based anti-imperialist coalition formed in the
wake of America's Afghan War, held an anti-war convention in Patna on
January 27. On behalf of the CPI(ML), Comrade K.D.Yadav was present in the
presidium while Comrade Prdeep Jha, among others, presented a paper. The
convention passed several resolutions against war-hysteria and communal
frenzy. It demanded immediate resumption of Indo-Pak dialogue, withdrawal of
American troops from Afghanistan and restoration of democracy in that war
ravaged country.


Whatever has happened to the CPI(M) rhetoric against American interference
in our internal affairs? In the wake of the 22 January terrorist attack on
the police at the American information centre at Kolkata, FBI lost no time
to rush to 'aid' the West Bengal government with the probe. The state
intelligence chief proudly proclaimed that they were getting help not only
from the central govt. but also from 'abroad'! Even the CPM state leadership
justified this FBI interference in the name of combating 'terrorism'.
One may recall that two years back when several agricultural labourers were
killed in Nanur in Birbhum district and some members of the US consulate
staff visited the spot, the CPM raised a hue and cry against American
interference in the internal administrative functioning of West Bengal. The
CPI(M) was also prompt in opposing FBI functioning in Delhi. But today the
Left Front Govt. does not mind collaborating with the same FBI in the
American information centre episode.

Reports however indicate that serious debates are going on in the state
secretariat of the CPM on this issue. Eminent economist and former CPI(M)
Minster and MP Ashok Mitra wrote a protest letter to the CPM leadership. The
firebrand leader of TMC Miss Mamata Banerjee has of course congratulated the
chief minister and the CPM leadership for their 'positive' move of taking
Advani's help and collaboration with FBI.


>From January 31 to February 4, corporate bosses from the world's largest
transnationals and political leaders will meet in New York City for their
annual World Economic Forum. The billionaires of the WEF, who usually meet
on a mountaintop in Davos, Switzerland, for the past 31 years, will be
holding their annual bash in New York this year. They probably think that
this financial capital of the world and home to nearly 8 million people, is
so traumatized by Sept. 11 that good old-fashioned street demonstrations
against greedy capitalists, like the ones that have been rousing the world
since Seattle, will not be tolerated. In Waldorf Astoria hotel in mid-town
Manhattan, they will celebrate war in Afghanistan and the Middle East,
looting in Argentina, attacks on civil liberties, and corporate tax cuts.

But to their surprise, thousands of protesters are coming from all over to
creatively and forcefully voice the International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop
War and End Racism) Coalition calls for alternatives - jobs, health care,
education, civil rights, and peace with justice - that reflect the needs of
the vast majority of people. There will be protest activities throughout the
World Economic Forum meeting. The political slogans of the ANSWER rally
include No to Corporate-Centered Globalization! No to War in Afghanistan and
the Middle East! No to Unemployment, Poverty and Mass Layoffs! Yes to Jobs,
Education, Healthcare and Civil Liberties.

ANSWER in a statement said: "Since September 11, hundreds of thousands of
workers have lost their jobs. Unemployment and mass layoffs are sweeping
through all sectors of the world economy. Politicians, working for the
interests of corporate elites, are providing billions of dollars in bailouts
for investors and transnational corporations, but not a penny for increased
unemployment insurance. The Congressional "economic stimulus" plan offers
huge corporate tax cuts, but only pennies for working people. The lowest
paid workers, especially immigrants and service sector workers, are
suffering the repercussions of 9-11, while the rich get richer. Today the
attacks are against immigrants - incarceration without charges and racial
profiling. Tomorrow the target will be U.S. citizens as Ashcroft pushes to
legalize surveillance of religious and political groups.

''Internationally, the Bush administration wages war in Afghanistan and
encourages expanded war in Palestinian territories. Now Bush is preparing
the public for prolonged war in Iraq and perhaps other nations. The deaths
of thousands of civilians in the Middle East, both from direct military
action and the resulting refugee crisis, is nothing short of state-sponsored
terrorism. This is not the way to find justice for 3,000 civilians who died
on September 11. And this is not the way to build a more secure and stable
world. ... We must respond to increasing attacks on our well-being by
corporate-dominated politicians that bring us war, layoffs and increased

While the WEF meet in New York, World Social Forum will gather tens of
thousands of representatives from every corner of the world in Porto Alegre,
Brazil, to discuss alternative visions. The events in New York and Porto
Alegre will mark a new milestone in the ongoing global resistance against
corporate globalisation.


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