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Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 22:20:08 +1100
Subject: [CubaNews] Message from the Miami Five

      Exemplary attitude of the Prisoners of the Empire is

      Havana, Jan 28 (AIN) The exemplary gallantry and
integrity of the Heroes Prisoners of the Empire was
highlighted during the Round Table Informative Broadcast as
part of the series In the Entrails of the Monster.

      The members of the panel pointed at the fact that
during this 28th of January, when the nation celebrates the
birthday of our National Hero Jose Marti, the people of Cuba
and its younger generation paid homage to Marti, inspiring
on the firm and gallant attitude of Gerardo, Fernando,
Ramon, Rene and Antonio.

      It was also highlighted how the X Convention of the
Federation of Students of Intermediate Level schools (
junior and senior high schools, plus all kinds of technical
and trade schools ) proclaimed the five heroes as honorary
delegates to their meeting.

      It was also learned during the broadcast that the five
Cuban patriots are in good health in the Miami Federal
Detention Center, as well as that there is the possibility
that they will be confined separately in different US

      Journalists and specialists members of the panel
coincided in pointing out the biased character of the trial
and the stiff sentences imposed to the five Cubans.

      They also explained that during the trial procedures
it was evident how the judge yielded to the dirty games of
the public prosecutor's office and the Cuban
counterrevolution in Miami.

      Professor Julio Fernandez Bulte, a senior scholar at
the University of Havana, described the trial as null and in
violation of the Constitution of the United States of

      During the prime time broadcast, the members of the
panel unveiled the connections between the Cuban American
National Foundation, drug trafficking and terrorism , and
they also revealed the contradictions of the US policy in
its worldwide struggle against terrorism.

      Along this line they made reference to the incoherence
of the crusade that Washington unleashed against terrorism,
while at the same time it keeps in jail unjustly men that
protect the peoples of Cuba and the United States against
the terrorist actions forged in southern Florida.

      At the end of the Round Table , details of the growing
international solidarity with the Five Heroes Prisoners of
the Empire was highlighted, with the example of the
campaigns now in progress to appeal for their liberation.


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