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Subject: [Peoples War] Pakistan: CMKP deplores action against peasants

CMKP deplores action against peasants

By Our Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD, Jan 28: The Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (CMKP) here on Monday
condemned district administration's action against the peasants of
Charsadda and registration of cases against the party's general-secretary ,
Afzal Khamosh, provincial president Nisar Khan and about 120 other peasant
leaders under Anti-Terrorism Act.

In a meeting, Punjab CMKP president Syed Azim claimed that about 3,500
personnel of law-enforcement agencies and Frontier Constabulary surrounded
the peaceful peasants of Hasht Nagar and forced them to leave their lands.

"The police terrorised the peasants as a result of which tension is
prevailing in the area," he said adding the peasants resisted the 'police
attack' and laid down before the armoured vehicles and police jeeps. "One
thousand women also took part in the resistance."

He said dozens of peasants were injured during the police violence, as it
fired about 200 tear-gas shells on the resisting peasants. Member of the
central committee Hamid Hashmi expressed the resolve that the party would
not leave the peasants of Charsadda alone and would leave no stone unturned
in supporting the genuine rights of the peasants.

The meeting demanded that the harassment of poor peasants in Charsadda
district should be stopped forthwith, SSP Mardan and officials concerned of
Charsadda district be suspended and the cases against the party leaders and
peasants be withdrawn immediately.

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