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Subject: [pttp] Fw: Philippines: tripwire to a new Vietnam?

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 5:22 AM
Subject: Philippines: tripwire to a new Vietnam?

Statement from National Democratic Front of the Philippines

A tripwire to a new Vietnam?

By sending 650 US combat troops, including 160

Green Berets and Navy Seals, with the approval of

the puppet Macapagal regime, into a battle zone in

Southern Philippines, U.S. imperialismis deliberately

setting up a tripwire to a new Vietnam. The lame excuse

is a joint military operation, dubbed Balikatan Exercise,

against the CIA and AFP creation, the Abu Sayyaf group.

The interventionist troops will be using live bullets, staying

 for six months up to a year, and authorised to fire back in

so-called self-defence.

US troops are not only in Mindanao, they are also setting

up quarters in Laur, Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon.

The advocate of the failed all-out war against Mindanao

under  the discredited Estrada regime, General Angelo

Reyes, let the cat out of the bag by announcing that after

the Abu Sayyaf, the New People's Army (NPA) would

be the next target.

In their arrogance, U.S. imperialism and the Macapagal

regime trample on the Manila Government s own

constitution that forbids the entry of foreign troops except

when a treaty allows it.

The puppet Macapagal regime cites the Visiting Forces

Agreement (VFA) as the justification for the entry of the

US combat troops. But the VFA, even under the Manila

Government s standards, cannot be regarded as a treaty.

The US Senate has not ratified it. Moreover the VFA

does not allow US troops to join combat patrols.

For the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the

ominous presence of the US interventionist troops is a flagrant

violation of the national sovereignty of the Filipino people and

the territorial integrity of the Philippines.

The broadest united front of patriotic and progressive forces

in the Philippines and in the international community must be

mobilised to vigorously oppose and resist this latest US

intervention in the Philippines that threatens to become a US

war of aggression against the Filipino people.

The American people and their anti-imperialist and progressive
organisations, just as during the Vietnam War, must stand up

 and defy this US imperialist intervention against the Filipino people.

Our history is filled with lessons about US imperialist treachery

and aggression. 

On February 4, 1899, the U.S. started the Philippine-American

War by initiating an encounter with Filipino revolutionary forces.

It used the false allegation that Filipino troops would start killing

all foreign residents in Manila on February 15, 1899.

US imperialism sent more than 126,000 troops to pacify the

Filipino people and caused the death of up to 1.4 million Filipinos

from 1899 to 1913. A great number of the Bangsamoro were also

killed in Mindanao.

US intervention in Vietnam started with the sending of advisers and
trainers, followed by combat troops. In the Philippines all these are
coming in one go. 

The US manufactured the Tonkin Gulf Incident to justify its war of
aggression. Now it uses the September 11 terrorist attacks in the

US to wage a so-called global war on terrorism.

The Abu Sayyaf group, their own creation in collaboration with their

assets in the Philippine military, is their convenient excuse to intervene
militarily again in the Philippines.

Whatever US imperialism uses to justify its intervention or

aggression, the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces are

determined to persevere in their struggle against US imperialism

and the local reactionaries in order to achieve their national and

social liberation. 

Luis Jalandoni Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

(This is a slightly abridged version of an NDFP press statement issued

on January 19, 2002)

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