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Subject: Czech Banana Republic Forges Police State, Sacks Workers


[Turbo-charged NATO integration/subordination,
wide-ranging police state powers and mass layoffs all
at the same time: The war against terror just doesn't
get any better than that.]

Czech Defense Chief Calls for Unity in Fighting Terror

PRAGUE, Jan 31, 2002 -- (dpa) Czech Republic Minister
of Defense Jaroslav Trvdik said the country's police,
intelligence and health services should join the
military in protecting the country from terrorism.

In an address to the Czech Senate, Tvrdik called for
parliament to spread the cost of anti-terrorism
initiatives to several agencies.

"The responsibility for the next part of combating
terrorism isn't only on the Defense Ministry and
soldiers," he said. "Funding also is needed, above
all, for activities by the Interior Ministry and the
Health Ministry."

The health ministry, for example, should be prepared
to handle domestic threats and emergencies involving
biological attacks, Trvdik said. And the interior
ministry's intelligence services should be capable of
tracking terrorists on Czech soil and cooperating with
foreign intelligence agencies.

In a related development Wednesday, the defense chief
and a trade union representing civilian army workers
signed an agreement that will lead to eliminating
about 12,000 civilian jobs by 2006 as part of the
ministry's reform plan tied to the phase-in of an all-
volunteer army. Under the deal, workers will receive
hefty severance allowances.

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