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Troops depart Edmonton base for duty in Afghanistan
WebPosted Fri Feb 1 05:33:30 2002
EDMONTON-- Canadian soldiers left for Afghanistan
Thursday night after an emotional send-off from family
and friends, and a caution that their task would not
be easy. 

The first of an eventual 750-strong group left from
Edmonton International Airport to begin a trip that
will take several days, eventually bringing them to
the other side of the world

Before boarding buses for the airport, they said their
goodbyes at a military hangar complete with a marching
band. Brigadier General Ivan Fenton gave an emotional
address to the departing troops.

"It's up to you now in the months ahead to do what
you've been trained to do, and do what you've been
sworn to do: serve your country well," said Fenton.

He also warned the soldiers that their upcoming job
would not be an easy one.

"Your living conditions will be uncomfortable for a
month, if not throughout the tour, and you will be
tasked to go after someone who is a sworn enemy to our
country and our way of life," said Fenton.

BACKGROUND: The Patricias go to war

But despite a number of concerns, including the exact
nature of their mission, what to do with captives, and
even the colour of their dark-green camouflage
uniforms, most of the troops were eager to get on with
the job. 

FROM JAN. 19, 2002: Canadian troops not green with
Sergent Tim Winslow is an 18-year-veteran and has
served six missions overseas. He says he's anxious to
get going. 

"It's good the hour to leave is finally here. We've
been sitting around quite a while," said Winslow.

Corporal Johanne Roy is a medical assistant, and will
be the first Canadian female soldier on the ground in
Afghanistan. She says she's excited, but nervous.
"It's scary, there's not a day that goes by that I
don't think about it. But it's my job and I'm going to
go over there," said Roy.

Those in command admit it could turn out to be one of
the most dangerous missions Canadian troops have taken
on in decades. 

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