Reuters. 1 February 2002. Argentines Plan Protest to Reject New Economic

BUENOS AIRES --- Argentines enraged by a devastating four-year recession
used radio, the Internet and fliers to call for fresh protests on Friday
against the month-old government, which nervously put the finishing
touches on its new economic plan.

"We call on the Argentine people to take to the street on Friday and say
'enough is enough' to corrupt politicians who have robbed us of our
future," said a caller to a popular morning talk radio show.

Small grass-roots protests have been a daily occurrence for weeks but
Friday night's demonstrations were expected to be larger than usual.

A planned counter-march by partisan supporters of Duhalde that some
feared could spark violent clashes was canceled.

The protests have become progressively better organized since riots that
killed 27 forced Fernando de la Rua to resign as president on Dec. 20.

Many in Argentina's decaying middle class have formed neighborhood
"councils" to spread word and meet at designated street corners to

Argentines feeling empowered by the protests hoped their actions might
reverse government policy altogether, as has happened several times in
recent months as thousands gathered in front of the government palace to
bang pots and pans.

"The shared interests of the poor protesters and the middle class will
end up with another demonstration in the Plaza de Mayo," said a local
independent media Web site.

"We also expect people all around the world will join us by banging pots
and pans in solidarity with the Argentine people."

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