30 January 2002

Press Release 

Ramallah: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has commented on
the Zionist government's plan to isolate Jerusalem from the rest of the
Palestinian territories. The Popular Front said that these are steps that
lead to the practical annexation of the City of Jerusalem. In addition, this
plan also involves expanding the area to be isolated in accordance with the
old plans for the old, yet new, Greater Jerusalem scheme.

The Popular Front pointed out that although this plan is being pursued under
the camouflage of its being for security purposes, it nevertheless imposes
political facts on the ground that dispel all the prevalent illusions in the
policy of the Palestine Authority about Jerusalem being a subject for
negotiations with the Zionist government. This plan confirms that the
Zionist government is continuing with its plan to gobble up our land,
colonize it, and Judaize it, without regard for any agreements.

The Popular Front stressed that these steps by the Zionist government must
serve as a new lesson for the Palestine Authority about the possibility of
negotiating with the Zionists or of even reaching partial agreements on this

The Popular Front believes that the Zionist government decision contravenes
international resolutions concerning Jerusalem, and it calls on the
international community to shoulder its responsibility regarding this
matter. The Front also calls on the Arab and Islamic states and their
peoples to act, for Jerusalem is not only a Palestinian issue, it is an Arab
and Islamic issue. The Front called on the Palestinian masses to hold fast
to the choice of resistance and intifada, and to continue with them and not
bet on any of the illusions that still find a place in the approach of
official Palestinian policy. The Popular Front said that Jerusalem will
remain Arab Palestinian land in spite of all the arbitrary steps that the
terrorist Sharon government may take.

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30 January 2002. 

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