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Subject: [R-G] Re: Re: Munich plans protest ban

Here is an update on the events in Munich last night and yesterday:

Confrontations between police and demonstrators continued until late night
of Saturday. Since Friday 850 persons have been arrested. Last night 484
were arrested close to the Union House.
Initially the police insisted to register every single person, who attented
a conference on the 'Perspectives of Resistance' inside the Union House. Not
surprisingly union bureaucrats wanted to accept this. Only because of the
intervention of the revolutionary left (mainly LRCI comrades) the
participants insisted on a complete withdrawal of the police forces. Due to
this and the intervention of union colleagues from outside and PDS MP Eva
Bulling-Schröter the police was withdrawn after two hours.
Johannes, Munich

UK Indymedia has been summing up events (quite correctly) until 9.00 pm
local time on Feb. 2nd like this:
full text at:

Despite the banning of all today's events about 7000 people demonstrated
against NATO, militarism and war.

In total there have been at least 700 arrests.

The repeated attempts by the police to stop meetings and spontaneous
demonstrations in the city centre have continously failed.

Police have said there were around 6-7000 people demonstrating today. Many
people arrested are still being kept outside awaiting space incrowded cells.
The Trade Union House was cut off for 2 hours.

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