AFP. 3 February 2002. Two more bombs defused in Nepali capital.

KATHMANDU -- Security forces here Saturday defused two bombs planted by
Maoist rebels and six other devices, a report said Sunday.

The Maoists' bombs were hung on wires strung across streets in the
Bhaktapur and Patan districts of Kathmandu late Saturday with
anti-monarchy banners.

"Two banner bombs were placed at Bhaktapur and Patan by Maoist activists
on Saturday night terrifying the local residents," said the Nepali
language newspaper, Mahanagar (Metropolis).

"Later security personnel defused the bombs safely," it added.

Earlier on Saturday the army defused six bombs, four of which were
planted at a bus station.

Meanwhile two Maoists died Saturday in clashes with security forces in
the west and southwestern regions on Nepal, a defence ministry statement

Rebels destroyed a telephone tower in the Chitwan district, south of
Kathmandu on Saturday night, cutting the telephone service in the area,
police said.

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