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Sent: Sunday, September 29, 2002 4:48 AM
Subject: [CubaNews] 600+ Arrested at Anti-Globalization Protest in US


More Than 600 Arrested at Anti-Globalization Protest in US

Washington, Sep 27 (PL) US police arrested more than 600
people Friday who expressed their disagreement with
neoliberal globalization near where a meeting of the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank was
taking place.

The protest against the international financial institutions
economic policies was held in several parts of Washington

Riot Police attacked the demonstrators with sticks and tear
gas a few blocks from the White House, and took them
handcuffed to a bus terminal.

Outside a Citibank branch, hundreds of people concentrated
to accuse the IMF and WB of being only interested in the
interests of First World countries. These actions, and
others, were broadcast by CNN.

Unions, student groups, women"s organizations and religious
groups convoked the protest campaign.

Washington Police Chief Charles Ramsey said there were over
3,000 officers on hand to repress the demonstrators
including 1,500 agents from Washington, and another 1,700
from Maryland.

At the IMF and WB buildings some 10,000 delegates were
debating the world"s economic situation, protected by a
metal fence. At IMF headquarters Finance Ministers and
Central Bank presidents from the G-7 Group met as a prelude
to the IMF annual assembly, that starts Sunday.

Other pacifist groups denouncing a link between US President
George W. Bush"s efforts to declare war to Iraq and oil
interests joined the anti-globalization protest.

The Republican administration "has not consulted us or even
the Congress, it doesn"t listen to the people," said civil
rights leader Jesse Jackson. Likewise, a high ranking World
Bank official called the policies of the rich countries
hypocritical by demanding that developing nations open their
markets while they defend theirs with subsidies and all
types of barriers.

In a press conference, WB Chief Economist Nicholas Stern
recognized it was "hypocrite to make the poor countries open
their markets at the same time they impose protectionism on
those same countries.

On Saturday the Campaign for Global Justice coalition called
for a concentration and march to the IMF and WB under
slogans that run from repudiation of those institutions
policies to a rejection of a war against Iraq.


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