I am a bit confused about the 160 HP Continental engine. ?What engine model is 
that? ?Continental made an O-346 which is 165 HP, and an O-300, which is 145 
HP. ?Or do you mean a 160 HP O-320 Lycoming? ?

George McHenry had just replaced the O-235 Lycoming on his Single Seat KR-2S 
with a 160 HP+ O-320. ?He had gone out of his way to keep the engine as light 
as possible. ?Unfortunately, he was killed on his first or second flight behind 
that engine. ?Cuase of the crash is still unknown, but you can look up the 
write up on the NTSB reports, Pueblo, CO, Sept of 2012.

Even with his hopped up O-235 (roughly 140 HP), he was able to go run with the 
RV crowd. ?He loved to put on O2 and cruise at 17,500' when headed east with 
the winds. ?So even an O-235 is more than enough HP as you have to be very 
careful about VNE and flutter. ?I know George got himself in trouble with 
flutter on the rudder at one point in time and broke one of the two rudder 
hinges in flight.

Even with the O-200 on my KR, when I am at altitudes below 5000', I have to be 
very aware of my speed as it is quite easy to blast past the 195 mph IAS VNE 
just doing a slow 300 fpm descent.

One thing for sure, depending on what engine you just traded for, you could 
easily swap it for a Lyc O-235 or Cont O-200 and have a plane with fabulous 
performance. ?With 160 HP, you're going to need bigger fuel tanks for the same 
range, which makes for more weight on top of the heavy engine. ?There are a lot 
of trade offs to consider.

-Jeff Scott
Los Alamos, NM

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> Hi everyone,
> Don't crucify me, this is only a question. I am able to lay my hands on a 
> good 160hp Continental engine, complete with prop & running. What is the 
> heaviest & most powerful engine ever put in a KR2? I see it weighs 297 lbs 
> compared to the 227 of the Corvair.
> I say again, this is merely a question out of interest. Please don't attack 
> me.
> Keep well all,
> Henni
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