Took my KR-2 from home back to the airport, K2W6, today.  No traffic backups 
or incidents.  Used the same boat trailer that I used to take the fuselage 
to AirVenture for a homebuilders work shop many years ago.  While my wife 
and I were unloading the KR-2, Art Nalls was doing the first run-up this 
season for his Harrier about 100 feet away.  He loaned us some ear muffs for 
hearing protection.
I had moved the engine 2-inches forward from the plans call-out, installed a 
Revmaster oil cooler, oil pump and fuel pump, and built a new cowl.  Now 
need to re-install the wings, do a weight & balance, calibrate the 
pitot-static & transponder, complete the annual Condition Inspection and 
then get on with the Phase I flight tests.

Sid Wood
smwood at
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
Mechanicsville, MD, USA

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