Made the first ground engine run after: the engine re-location (to adjust 
CG), installing new RevMaster oil cooler, oil pump (to control high oil 
temps), moving the fuel pump (to fix vapor lock) and adjusting the Zenith 
carb.  After an eight-month stand-down the 2180 VW fired off on the fourth 
blade; runs smooth and strong.  After a little warm up idle can be set at 
600 RPM, but shakes a lot.  700 RPM is much smoother.  OAT was 57 F & RH 
about 95%.  Carb was making ice at 28 F.  Carb heat works well.  Cabin heat 
off the oil cooler works good.  Mixture Meter works good.  Have 6.9 hours TT 
on the engine.
And no leaks!!!
Need to finish the cowl, do another W & B, sign off the condition inspection 
and get on with Phase I flight testing.

Sid Wood
smwood at
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
Mechanicsville, MD, USA

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