Either method works just fine.  I chose to counterbore the hinges and used 
flush screws with the screws offset between the aileron and the wing.   Like 
Larry, I also floxed a set of #8 nut plates to the back of the mount holes to 
make them removable.  

One note on self locking nut plates like what are used in this application.  
The pinch on the end of the nut plates as manufactured is a bit too tight.  
Most savvy A&Ps will run a tap through the nut plate.  They will still be self 
locking in that the screws will not loosen up, but they won't destroy Stainless 
screws, and the nut plates won't twist out of the floxed mount if you ever have 
to remove the aileron.

-Jeff Scott
Los Alamos, NM

I'll be ordering my aileron hardware from Wicks soon. In looking in the book at 
10.59. It says to use 8/32 pan head bolts for the aileron hinge. Has anyone had 
problems with sufficient clearance between the heads of the bolts if they're 
lined up with each other?  Or should they be offset. I believe I've seen some 
people use countersunk bolts. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Paul Visk Belleville Il.

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