Before my first flight our EAA Chapter Flight Adviser said to get lots of recent time in a number of different aircraft. So he got flights for me in a Cherokee with 180 hp engine, Yankee, RV-8, Citabria and 6 hours in a Pulsar XP. The closest KR available to me was 300 miles away. His philosophy was: First flight you are are a test pilot, so this would be just another strange aircraft. None of the above operate like a KR-2. And being an experimental aircraft it may or may not handle anything like previously described. No question about it, that training saved my life on my first KR flight. There was lots of drama and people running for their lives from an unintended aerobatic airshow. CG issues and multiple hardware failures have since been resolved and N6242 is now reasonably civilized. A light touch on the stick helps also.

Sid Wood
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
Mechanicsville, MD, USA

What aircraft can I fly that will prepare me for flying a KR2?
Joe Nunley?

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