Or you might want to consider using lead shot mixed with epoxy resin and either 
flox or milled fibers.  Makes it easy to mold to shape cold.  Lead is a 
distinctly unhealthy material to be melting. 

-Jeff Scott
Los Alamos, NM
Subject: KR> Melting lead
First a comment before my question.  In the book it says to use an old pot to 
melt lead down for the aileron counter weight.  I'll give you some advise. What 
you consider an old pot is might be different then what your wife considers an 
old pot is. Be forewarned😡

How do you melt a 5 lbs chunk of lead on the stove? I did an internet search.  
Lead melts at 621 degrees.  I'm not even getting close to that.

Paul Visk 

Belleville Il.


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