I feel like I cheated... I borrowed a lead melting kit from one of my plumbing 
contractors. If i remember correctly it was a small cast iron laddle with a 
pour lip on top of a stand of some sort with a propane torch with a larger 
flame head underneath. It only took several minutes to get it melted and ready 
to pour. FYI- I built the molds out of wood for my counter weights but with the 
burning you are only going to get 2 uses out of the mold which should be enough 
as I only used 2 counter weights for the alirons and  pieces for the counter 
balance of the elevator.

Joe Horton,

17 8:21:12 AM
Subject: Re: KR> Melting lead

Paul Visk wrote:

 > How do you melt a 5 lbs chunk of lead on the stove?

I melted mine on a small standalone hot plate (so I could do it 
outside).  The pot was a thin one with a lid, and it did take a long 
time, but it worked.  This hot pad is a cheapo thing that's probably 50 
years old, with a simple coil of nichrome wire in a spiral shape down in 
a piece of ceramic plate.  I would think a gas stove should do the job...

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