Was planning for some air-to-air photos of N6242 this Spring. An EAA Chapter member said he could fly the photo ship using his Tri-Pacer. On January 28, 2017, while attempting to return from a lunch fly-out at GED, Georgetown, DE, he had an in-flight fire seconds after leaving the runway. He set it back down on the same runway and jumped out of the Tri-Pacer while it was still rolling on the runway going about 30 miles per hour. He hit the pavement on his feet, but slammed into the pavement face down. He sustained a broken nose, broken bone on an eye socket, throat and lung damage from inhaling smoke and flames, 1st and 2nd degree burns on his face and scalp. Appears he will recover from those injuries; long term damage is unknown. The Tri-pacer coasted to a stop in the grass next to the runway fully engulfed in flames. About 2 acres of dry grass also burned before the fire department put it out. The white stuff is foam from putting out the fire. I don't know any further info as to the cause.
Looks like the air-to-air photo shoot will need to wait a bit longer.

Sid Wood
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
Mechanicsville, MD, USA

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