To save on fuel prices I purchased a 50 gallon drum that I load up on my 
trailer and take to the gas station.  I fill the drum with 93 octain.  There is 
a pump that siphons the gas from the drum.  I pay around $2.50 per gallon more 
or less and the drum lasts a couple months.  I get excited about how much money 
I save on aviation fuel.  Also,  it's important to follow Mark's 
recommendations about car gas usage. 
Joe Nunley Baker Florida 
>>>>>Mark wrote;  I get it from the local Raceway station, which >keeps their 
tanks scrupulously clean, and >well-filtered at the pump.  I've >never 
found any kind of trash in the fuel system of either airplane.  I >have 
about eight 6-gallon plastic fuel cans that I carry it around in.  >It's 

Joe Nunley Baker Florida 
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