On 11/27/2017 10:19 AM, Samuel Ajayi via KRnet wrote:
You may ask, why go through all this; speed! With an O-200 in front, the KR 
should be able to produce better speed numbers(210-230mph) and not sacrifice 
much more in approach and stall speeds.


Unless you intend to go with high compression engine turning 3000+ rpm,  you may find the performance less than expected.  With something like the KR100 you may achieve 175 mph cruise on 5 gph. My KR is a bit heavy, 765 lb.s empty, larger frontal area then most, old RAF48 airfoil, and I flight plan on 150mph cruise, no wind, at 2450 rpm, burning about 5.2 gph.  If I go full throttle, 2800 to 2850rpm, and let it get it's legs, I'll see the IAS approaching175mph and it's probably higher than that in TAS.

That 200mph cruise at altitude on a turbo VW advertised  since it's inception is for most builders a pipe dream.  You can't change the law of physics just by calling it a KR.

Realistic expectations is the best cure for disappointment.

Larry Flesner

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