Stef wrote:

> Somebody out there who has a good idea about switches in the stick. We already
> have a PTT switch in it, but we are thinking about the prop pitch switch. We 
> are
> thinking about this one
> ( cag Cooley hat 4 way)  it has  a trim also up and down, the wing trim I can
> use for the prop. 

That little trim switch probably can't handle the current that a prop
pitch servo would use.  I'd see what other aircraft are using to switch
that kind of current, and perhaps mount it on the panel if necessary. 
Amps matter....especially when it's on a critical system like this. 
Relays may be possible however, depending on what kind of signal the
servo is expecting.  Maybe more info is required....

Mark Langford, Harvest, AL
ML "at"

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