Wow! 154 KRs. Now I know why the two FAA FSDO inspectors were arm wrestling to see who would get to inspect my KR-2 for Airworthiness Inspection. Both of them came out. They had never seen a KR until I sent the three-view pictures as part of the inspection request.

Sid Wood
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
California, MD, USA

Ron Wattaja does an annual accounting from the FAA databases showing the numbers of homebuilt aircraft currently registered.? Thanks to the FAA changing their registrations to expire on a 5 year basis, many homebuilts that have been destroyed or abandoned are now dropping off the FAA registry making a more accurate reflection of active aircraft.? The KR numbers are low enough that he doesn't list them anymore, but he did make the list available for download.? Of all the various types of KRs registered,(KR 1 KR-1 1/2, KR 1.5, KR 2,KR2, KR II, KR-2, KR-2S, KR 360 etc) I count only 154 KRs currently registered with the FAA in the United States.?
-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

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