Bill Masquelier wrote:

> Have a question for the group- we have a Diehl case with alternator and
> have the correct AC voltages coming out (50,80,110 I think) but cannot get
> a rectifier/regulator to give us DC voltage. is a link to a
generator manual, which includes troubleshooting info for that alternator
(starting on page 30).  If that doesn't work, I'll send you a copy.  I don't
know about yours, but my GPASC alternator is an ancient Kohler 20A unit,
Steve Bennett told me, and a number of simple and inexpensive regulators
should handle it nicely.  I've never had to replace my regulator, but the
manual does show the checkout process for alternator and regulator.  I built
a regulator for my Suzuki motorcycle when I was a broke college student, and
there's not a lot to them.  For what it's worth, when I thought N891JF's
alternator wasn't working, my research showed that a Kohler #435081
regulator would likely work for my application.  See for the regulator and stator
both, although these both say they are 15A, which should be plenty with LED
lighting and normal electronics.

Mark Langford 

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