I used vynal over a painted surface.  I purchased the vynal from amazon and 
installed much of it myself.  I have some experience but not much.  Also had 
some medium sized  images professionally printed; army stars and eagles, that 
cost about $50. 
I worried about the vynal pealing off so I didn't install anything in front of 
the wind screen until I had flown a few hours at 125 mph.  Pealing was not an 
issue for me.  
I have a friend that covered his entire plane, and also found a guy who did it 
professionally.  They were both very helpful.  See if you can find someone who 
should be able to help you.  

Joe Nunley Baker Florida 

Hi All,

Anyone try vinyl wrap instead of paint?  
Cedric is almost done with the fill process and has to decide on paints.   
I’ve been reading a bit on vinyls and talked with the planevinyl.com folks - 
but still unsure.  There are sure some advantages - especially weight if we can 
skip the prime.

Can you wrap directly on filled/sealed composite?   I’ve tried a few small bits 
and it seems secure and smooth.    

If you wrap directly on composite, how protected is the composite from UV?

Clearly a vinyl wrap is not for long term outside parking, but longevity is 
pretty good if stored in a hanger - and if a replaceable leading edge doubler 
is used.


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