The Type K Thermocouple is a low voltage system; typically a few millivolts. That's okay because the receiving electronic units are designed for that low voltage. When you need an extension for the thermocouple leads, you can use copper wire quite satisfactorily. You must keep the thermocouple leads as close to the same length as possible so that the voltages from each thermocouple will be the tracking the same. The voltage is generated by the junction, not the wires by themselves. The Iron and Constantan does have more resistance than copper, so the need for matching the lengths. The Iron wire and Constantan wire is much harder than copper wire; copper style crimp connectors will not reliably stay attached to the thermocouple wires. You need to use screw type terminal barrier strips for each connection and put a lock washer under the head of each screw to maintain pressure on the bare thermocouple wire. The copper extension wires can be any convenient length; the copper wires do not need to be matched in length. Copper crimp lugs will work fine for the copper wire. This copper wire extension has worked quite well for the EGT and CHT sensors in my KR-2.

Sid Wood
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
California, MD, USA

I have received with my garmin set theromcouples for the EGT. Alcor inc p/n 86255. I need an extention for both sensors. I already bought type K thermocouples for the CHT via ebay (4?) with a big overlengt. Can I use this wire to extend the alcor type or do I have to buy the same brand for to much money?


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