Hi Ken,

Yeah! The oil chat!

From what I’ve read, there are some new full synthetic oils that are pretty 
good in street VWs.  

Like this:

However, these synthetic oils are incompatible with 100ll avgas due to the 
inability to keep the lead in suspension.
I wouldn’t go with them unless you were sure that it was compatible with 100ll 
- or if you can use only auto gas.

I have also read some good things about Rotella which also includes a zinc 

There was a VW service manager from New Zealand that commented on a large study 
of different oils and the result was clear that single weight non-synthetic was 
by far the best.  This was more than a few decades ago so I don’t know how 
things have changed.


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> I'm looking into this oil. http://www.schaefferoil.com/vtwin-oil.html 
> <http://www.schaefferoil.com/vtwin-oil.html>
> Read the specs and technical data.
> Thanks
> Ken Hurley
> kenhurle...@gmail.com <mailto:kenhurle...@gmail.com>
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