Hi everyone. I have started to build my KR2s which will be powered by a 110 Corvair engine. I have glued the longerons and the upright bracing in place first. Waited for it to dry and then glued the lower one so no stress would be put on the first glue up. Did this for both sides. I used a full scale template to do the layout which was drawn in cad and printed full scale. My question now is what did everyone find was suitable for use as gusset material for the corners (do I need to make it larger due to the larger and bigger engine) Secondly seeing as the aircraft is now wider due to the engine and cramped passenger bay has anyone drawn a full scale pastern or figured out the length and degrees for the lower spacers for the bottom of the fuselage? I purchased my materials from Wicks Aircraft so I could get 14 foot strips as Aircraft Spruce would only provide 12 foot ones at the time.

Thanks for your help.



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