Thanks for letting me know it arrived as mine just got here yesterday! Langford 
wrote most of the copy and did the initial document layout so he completed a 
large part of the job. I did the database stroking, final layout, printing and 

To everyone,
I made the promise at Lee's Summit to help promote the Gathering to all KR 
registered owners current with the FAA. I went back to the end of 2017 and 
found just under 200 airplanes. Flyers went to these registered owners. Some 
are in museums and they got a flyer also. Better to over promote than 
Hopefully, we get a bunch of new attendees and the "old regular" Gathering 
attendees will get to gawk at some "new to us" airplanes and meet their owners.
Remember, just 109 days until the biggest KR event of the year!

John Bouyea
N5391M/ KR2
OR81/ Hillsboro, OR
2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 KR Gathering Web Guy

Subject: KR> KR Gathering flyer
My KR flyer arrived in today's mail.  Great job!!!
Larry Flesner

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