Hi all,
This question is for anyone who has flown behind the 0-200, did your aircraft 
have an oil cooler?

I have 655 hours on my 0-200 and I've never run an oil cooler.  The highest temp I've ever seen was right at 210 degrees. This past weekend I made a flight where I ran full throttle for about 15 minutes to catch some flyers that took off ahead of me.  Outside temp was in the low to mid 90's and the oil temp needle never quite reached 210.  I have an oil filter and that will help cool the oil a bit but I'd suggest you try running without a cooler and see what your results are.  If you have adequate engine cooling your oil temp should be just fine.  In the winter my oil runs too cold.  It never gets up to 180 degrees, even after an hour or so of flight.

Larry Flesner

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