I have spent some time in the archives and there has been discussion about 
this. When I trial fit the wings on the project I posted pics of the other day 
in the Facebook site, I did not tighten the nuts onto the bolts (just on loose 
) but yesterday I checked for movement at the wing tips and there is indeed 
movement. My question for all is ... before you tightened the nuts ... was 
there any movement. 
I did have the wings on my other project and as I recall even with the bolts 
just through the hole there was no slop or movement. 
It seems to me there should be none ideally and that perhaps the holes are not 
as close tolerance as they should be.Not an insurmountable problem I understand 
and no hurry on this project either. 
As always,I look forward to hearing all thoughts. 
Bob R 
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