On 7/5/2018 12:16 PM, Mike Stirewalt via KRnet wrote:
For just putzing around to find out ones service ceiling we can all get
by without oxygen.  Everest has been climbed, after all, without oxygen.


And many get "mountain sickness" and have to acclimate to altitude and some have died at very high levels.

I'd recommend not approaching the subject with too cavalier an attitude until you know how altitude affects you personally.  Each of us are like our KRs, every one is different.  Do you have other health issues, are you a smoker, do you take medication, what's your age, and the many other variables that could affect you at lower oxygen levels.  Don't just hop in your kr, climb to 12,501feet for 29 minutes to see if you need oxygen.  You might miss the Gathering.

Larry Flesner

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