On 7/16/2018 11:13 PM, Oscar Zuniga via KRnet wrote:
If I remember the source of my current tailwheel correctly, I bought your solid 
Matco from you when you changed to the 6" pneumatic.



We're talking two different issues here.  I think you purchased my 6" Matco tailwheel assembly with a 6" solid wheel when I installed an Aviation Products assembly with a 4" wheel to reduce the tail weight by several pounds.  Several years ago I had my Aviation Products assembly modified to accept a 6" Matco pneumatic wheel and tire.  I don't recall putting many hours on the Matco assembly but the Aviation Products unit is first class.  I've never had a single tailwheel shimmy in 670 hours, it drives like a steerable nose wheel, and the only maintenance I've ever done is grease it.

"so for awhile I would overshoot my sharp turns till I learned to consciously kick 
opposite rudder to re-engage tailwheel steering."

I'm guessing you run your cables a bit on the loose side for that to happen.  I run tailwheel cables as tight as possible for instant response so when I stop the turn with neutral rudder and the wheel comes back to center the tailwheel locks.  I also don't normally go to the "free swivel" point when pulling on to the runway for takeoff.  I hope the unit is still giving you good service.

Larry Flesner

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