Larry wrote-

>I'm guessing you run your cables a bit on the loose side
>I run tailwheel cables as tight as possible for instant response

I run my tailwheel cables snug with no slack.  I, too, like more precise 
response when taxiing

>I also don't normally go to the "free swivel" point when pulling
>on to the runway for takeoff.

I've always been taught to scan the traffic area before pulling out onto the 
active when I'm not on a controlled field, and kicking it into free swivel to 
give it a spin is the way to do that.  There are other times, such as when 
maneuvering to a parking space or to the fuel pump, that kicking it into free 
swivel is useful.  Like I say, I've gotten used to it.

>I hope the unit is still giving you good service.

Oh, absolutely!  It's a rugged unit.

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