On 8/11/2018 5:41 PM, Stef den Boer via KRnet wrote:
I am using also 2 batteries. Both are 7 amps but li-ion. Strong enough for my
engine. One is to start the engine with awg 8 and one as a backup for the fuel 
pump and ignition with awg 12. One batterie gives me 20 min. So if I have a alt 
failure I have at least 40 min flight time left.



Don't count on getting the full reserve out of the batteries as the voltage will drop as the capacity is use.  The lower voltage may not be sufficient for the electronic ignition.   Li-ion may hold a better voltage than lead acid but take a look at Li-ph (lithium phosphate?) for safety reasons, much more stable.  Someone more educated on the subject might offer better advise.

Larry Flesner

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